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WAKE UP – BP Will Continue to Use Deadly Dispersants to Cover Up Their Crime Scene If We Do Not Act Now!

Why do Americans think BP is still quoting the ridiculous figure of 5,000 barrels a day, when conservative analysis of satellite imagery indicates that the surface oil alone (10,000+ square miles, May 18th) requires a release rate of at least 26,000 barrels or 109,000 gallons a day? To cover-up the dagger it shoved into the belly of the Earth, and then through their intentional disregard for safety protocols in the name of profit, turned in a circle to release a geyser of toxic gas and oil. Continue reading

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Say NO to the further use of toxic dispersants!

Research clearly demonstrates that dispersants are extremely toxic, and that instead of mitigating the damage caused by the oil spill, they amplify the absorption of deadly hydrocarbons into plant and animal life. Sign the petition to stop the any further use of dispersants in the Gulf. Continue reading

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The Crude Facts…

The true magnitude of the gulf oil spill catastrophe is only now being revealed through certain media instruments, but little attention has been given to the airborne dangers to those living in the region. This blog aims to bring awareness to these problems, and to find methods to mitigate their impact on health in the region. Continue reading

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