Stay out of the Water! If you CAN’T see the oil then IT IS poisoning you.

Where do people think all the millions upon millions of gallons of oil have gone? Only because the government allowed BP to push it deep into the water column and to break it up into smaller, even more deadly particles with chemicals, doesn’t mean it suddenly vanished.  To the contrary, this process has accelerated its diffusion to the shorelines, and into the air and rain via evaporation cycles, where it will do greater harm to those gullible enough to believe the government, BP, the tourist and real estate industry pundits and media, that “it hasn’t hit us yet” because the sacrosanct tarball of ultimate truth hasn’t been confirmed by a team of experts to have washed up to your shores.
Its VERY important that people understand that BECAUSE you can’t see the oil in the water or on the shoreline it is MORE DANGEROUS than if you can see it, because it has been micronized by a solvent (Corexit 9500) which as a bioaccumulator will accelerate the absorption of deadly hydrocarbons into animal life (that’s us too) exponentionally.  One study published in 2004 showed that Corexit dispersant increased the absorption of hydrocarbons into test fish between 6-1,100 times more readily than the oil alone.   Only because BP has won the PR war by keeping the visible oil off our beaches, this does not mean that what we can’t see isn’t there. In fact, because these particles are so small and combined with a chemical solvent, its guaranteed to do far more harm to our bodies. Please watch the report below to learn more, and consider that according to the EPA’s own toxicological assessment levels of oil in the water as low as 10 ppm are toxic enough to kill 50% of the test fish within 96 hours, while oil mixed with dispersant makes it 3.5 times more toxic at 2.61 ppm to kill 50% of the test fish….

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Interested in getting the word out about the real risks associated with this environmental catastrophe, as well as tools for those affected to protect themselves, and stay in the know.
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13 Responses to Stay out of the Water! If you CAN’T see the oil then IT IS poisoning you.

  1. Dawn says:

    Please keep letting us know the truth.

  2. Brady says:

    This is propoganda at its finest. Where are you getting this information? and I especially like the fabrications of words “micronized”. Another thing, how can a dispersant be a bioaccumulator? Those two terms contradict each other. The EPA and FDA just released the reports for the seafood coming out of the contaminated waters…..EVERY SPECIES OF SEAFOOD WAS CLEARED AS UNCONTAMINATED! If this is a scare tactic, it has failed miserably.

    • You want evidence? Here is some first hand research on the bioaccumulating potential of this solvent Here is more research on dispersants

      The term micronize refers to the decreasing the size of oil particles from raw crude from visible “macromolecular” sizes to within the 10-50 nanometer range. (common definition: “Micronization is the process of reducing the average diameter of a solid material’s particles.”) Dispersants perform their job effectively by doing exactly this: they micronize the oil, separating the hydrocarbons into individual molecules, thus making them much more absorbable. Research indicates that their use makes the oil between 6 and 1100 times more bioavailable

      You have every reason not to want to understand the dangers….perhaps your make a living through the sale of seafood, or you are in the hospitality industry, but this means very little to me when the lives of children are in danger. Think about it, before you uncritically label this as propaganda, as you are directly contributing to their harm by spreading misinformation of your own. The seafood is safe, you say. Are you serious? Would you have your own children eat it?

    • eyesopen says:

      Why don’t you just eat all the gulf seafood you want? Before long, no one will have to worry about your ostrich-head-in-the-sand attitude. You won’t be here to bother anyone…you will be dead or at least…seriously ill. Do you still believe in the tooth fairy, too?

    • harmsweigh says:

      Hmm it would appear that Brady has removed his profile. My guess is that he was a shill of either his own making or bought and paid for. Its a shame that the description of this article when linked to FB includes his comment without anything else. You should definitely delete it. It is a pointless piece of garbage that is designed to discredit your article.

    • Pentagon Vet says:

      Brady do your research…because you ARE a major dumbass 🙂 Tissue???

    • John Kariotis Jr says:

      Pleasesite your sources. The author of this article has done a good job of siting his. Ifyou can not, then you are the one spreading propaganda.

  3. Doreen Garza says:

    This whole situation withBP is disgusting and full of deceit!!

  4. eyesopen says:

    @Brady, YOU have failed miserably! WE, the PEOPLE, are not buying the corporate BP line anymore! YOU broke it……..
    Now YOU pay to fix it. WE, the American people, DEMAND justice for YOUR transgressions! YOU and anyone/everyone tied to the
    the whole BP corporate structure must pay for the travesty done to the Ecological system as well as those Human beings living in the Gulf
    the Gulf Coast Region. Nothing short of this will suffice!!!!

  5. Cat says:

    How can I find out about the oil in my area of FWB, FL? I used a float on the beach the other day and a few days later took that same float to a cold spring. I put the float in the clean water and I could see oil sheen coming from it. So sick. I was in that water with my babies.

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