Which Well Are They Killing?

by BK Lim, Geohazards Specialist (1 Sept 2010, hydrocomgeo@gmail.com).

Some of the most critical details of the disastrous Deepwater Horizon (DWH) blowout on 20 April 2010 were never made public. We are told that only one well location was drilled when in fact BP drilled at 3 wells at 3 different seabed locations.

In fact the 20 April blowout was the last of several serious near-misses and the blowout location was actually 714ft north of Well A location. Despite its importance, there were no public media reports of a second underground explosion 2 days after the initial blowout on 20 April 2010 burst into flames onboard the Deepwater Horizon.

Four and a half months is a very long time to permanently kill what was initially reported as a “small leak in a very big ocean”. We were first told that it would take 3 months to drill the two relief wells (C and D)? We were told that the Relief wells were the surest way to kill the wild gushing well. Well, mid-August had come and gone by without the promised
permanent kill by the Relief wells.

Months had been spent discussing all the intricate details of killing the zombie well in so many ways, from Top Kill to Bottom Kill to Static Kill to Relief Kill that it was almost killing me instead of the zombie well. Has it occurred to them, the zombie Well A could not be killed because it was the wrong well?

What if the capped Well A was drilled only to slightly over 5000ft bml? It would easily explain why Well A could only be cemented to 5000ft. It could explain how 40% of the 500 barrels of cement went into the formation. It could explain why only 3000 ft of drilling rod was in the well and not 18,000ft. It could explain why Well A had to be abandoned on 13th Feb due to 3000ft of drilling rod reportedly jammed at the bottom of Well A. It could explain the mystery of BP’s attempts to kill the zombie well that refused to lay dead.

See figure 114.1 on the depths of the 3 wells drilled in correct perspective.

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Interested in getting the word out about the real risks associated with this environmental catastrophe, as well as tools for those affected to protect themselves, and stay in the know.
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1 Response to Which Well Are They Killing?

  1. Surendra Mohnot says:

    Dear Mr. Lim,

    You have shown the details of three wells. For a less informed person, kindly explain what is being done by BP to contain the oilspill and to safely kill the blown out well. Will the actions now taken by BP teams of drilling relief well and/or do static/bottom/top kill make the situation safer? What are the best options as per you?
    We all want to know as it is a big disaster and what lessons can oil industry learn from this.

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