Disaster Cover-Up Quotes

“Ian MacDonald of Florida State University, an oceanographer who was
among the first to question the official estimate of 210,000 gallons a
day, said he had come to the conclusion that the oil company was bent on
obstructing any accurate calculation. “they want to hide the body,” he said.

Source: New York Times

“It’s not at all clear to me why we’re dispersing the oil at all,” said
Carl Safina, president and co-founder of the Blue Ocean Institute. “It
seems to me you would want it as thick and as concentrated so we can
deal with it right there. We seem to be saying we’re going to take this
concentrated oil, and we’re going to dissolve it. It’s an out-of-sight,
out-of-mind strategy. It’s a PR stunt to dissolve this oil with dispersants. It’s just to get it out of the way of the cameras on the shoreline.“”

Source: New York Times

“[Oil companies] want to make the visible part of the oil spill disappear—for political reasons, for limiting liability to the spillers,” says Richard Charter, government relations consultant for Defenders of Wildlife Action Fund.  “If we were looking at food chain impacts and biomagnification in the marine ecosystem, we probably never would have invented Corexit.”

Source: Mother Jones

“A lot of this is diffused now in deep layers,” said Felder, who is coordinating a seven-volume scientific encyclopedia on the Gulf. “It’s like it’s under the rug. You can’t see it on the surface, so it’s kind of out of sight, out of mind. But it’s not out of mind to most of the biologists who are concerned about its long-term effects.”

(Darryl Felder is a biologist at the University of Louisiana Lafayette)

Source: Associated Press


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