Real BioRemediation Solutions

Organic, Safe Bioremediation of Crude Oil….

1) Chicken Manure

2) Hay

3) Mushrooms

4) Microbes


2 Responses to Real BioRemediation Solutions

  1. Dan Hawk says:

    If you mitigate with carbon (burned biomass; lodge pole pines killed by the mountain pine beetle) then you help solve two major ecological disasters at the same time. I have included a video of how pyrogenic carbon cleans oil soaked South Carolina beech sand.


  2. Dan Hawk says:

    Plant-based mitigation will have time limitations while in the Gulf (in the water), those time limitations should be explored to maximize the effectiveness of the material used for mitigation. The reason for the comment is that pyrogenic carbon, like other oil-laden plant-based materials might sink to the bottom over time.

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