Personal Disaster Mitigation Strategies

1) Our body is equipped with detoxification systems capable of removing benzene, hydrogen sulfide, and related chemicals found in crude, given the right dietary co-factors.  Generally antioxidant rich food is indispensable for supporting the body’s detoxification mechanisms.  In fact Green Tea has been studied for its beneficial effects at mitigating the damage associated with benzene exposure in pump workers. View Study

2) While we can not control the quality of air outside of our homes and work places, we can improve air quality by using indoor plants.  In 1973 NASA commissioned a study to find a way to maintain air quality inside confined spaces such as space pods. Their researchers discovered that indoor plants effectively reduce toxic contaminants in the air. To view the results, go here.

2) Avoid outdoor exposure to airborne pollutants by becoming aware of Florida’s air currents. The wind mapping technology available today is extremely useful in reducing risk of exposure. View Here


One Response to Personal Disaster Mitigation Strategies

  1. Jay says:

    Howdy. I keep my site pretty low-tech, as it’s audience tends to be lay people and interested students; however, I did this write-up if you wanted to link to it. Ultimately, if there are any petroleum-based hydrocarbons in the rain water, folks are going to want to look at the results for Diesel Range Organics [DRO], a subset of the TPH analysis. I explain that when they ask.

    Other than that one post, I’m trying to keep my site fun and non-controversial. In this case though, human health dictates that the people must act in their best interest because the big players are not. Thanks.


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