Say NO to the further use of toxic dispersants!

Since the Deepwater Horizon exploded on April 22nd BP has dumped several hundred thousand gallons of chemical dispersant into the Gulf of Mexico. Another 805,000 gallons is on order. The EPA has acted with reckless disregard for the evidence by allowing BP to continue this unsafe and ineffective practice.

Research clearly demonstrates that dispersants are extremely toxic, and that instead of mitigating the damage caused by the oil spill, they amplify the absorption of deadly hydrocarbons into plant and animal life. “Dispersants are also known to remarkably decrease the transfer of oxygen (pdf) into water-based fermentation media This means that in addition to dispersing the oil into large subsurface plumes, the dispersants may well be limiting the ability of water in the Gulf to absorb oxygen from the atmosphere, exacerbating the problem of oxygen depletion caused by the oil itself and by nutrient runoff.”¹

Dispersants also pose an immediate health threat to disaster relief workers and residents in the region, as they adversely affect the air quality by entering wind currents and by accelerating the evaporation of other toxic compounds from the crude oil.

Elected officials must protect the Gulf of Mexico and Americans who make it their home. Tell Congress to halt the use of dangerous dispersants and employ less harmful and more effective methods of disaster mitigation.

Sign the petition to end the use of dispersants in the Gulf.


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¹ Will Submerged Oil Plume Cause Massive Fish Kills in Gulf? by Jim White


About oilspilltruth

Interested in getting the word out about the real risks associated with this environmental catastrophe, as well as tools for those affected to protect themselves, and stay in the know.
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3 Responses to Say NO to the further use of toxic dispersants!

  1. J. Cox says:

    Can you get a link to Twitter? The word needs to get out quick! Petition signed. Thank you for this.

  2. wanda stanton says:

    Further use of toxic dispersants should be banned in the gulf. Where is the EPA? The EPA cost the tax payer million BUT RARELY DO ANYTHING TO HELP OUR ENVIROMENT.

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