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Which Well Are They Killing?

What if the capped Well A was drilled only to slightly over 5000ft bml? It would easily explain why Well A could only be
cemented to 5000ft. It could explain how 40% of the 500 barrels of cement went into the formation. It could explain why
only 3000 ft of drilling rod was in the well and not 18,000ft. It could explain why Well A had to be abandoned on 13th Feb
due to 3000ft of drilling rod reportedly jammed at the bottom of Well A. It could explain the mystery of BP’s attempts to kill
the zombie well that refused to lay dead. Continue reading

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More Mystery Shrouds the Blown Well at the Macondo Prospect

The mystery of the 20th April Blowout revealed. Continue reading

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BP Probably Removed The BOP with The Bent Riser and Installed It on Well A Several Weeks After the 20th April Blowout.

BP probably removed the BOP with the bent riser and installed it on Well A several weeks after the 20th April blowout. It was only after the BOP installation on Well A, were video footage of the leaking BOP released for public consumption. Irrespective of the BOP’s “travel paths or transit points”, Well A could not have been the well location drilled by DWH when the 20th April blowout occurred. Period! Continue reading

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Diagrams of the Sinking of the Deepwater Horizon (Macondo Prospect) Proposed by BK Lim

BK Lim has done it again. He presents here an alarming analysis of the events prior to and after the sinking of the Deepwater Horizon on top of the Macondo Prospect in the Gulf of Mexico. We very much appreciate this great revelatory work by BK Lim. Continue reading

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Why is BP’s Macondo blowout so disastrous & Beyond Patch-up.

One thing is for sure. The longer the gushing well stays “top capped”, the more severe is the environmental damage. Continue reading

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Stay out of the Water! If you CAN’T see the oil then IT IS poisoning you.

Its VERY important that people understand that BECAUSE you can’t see the oil in the water or on the shoreline it is MORE DANGEROUS than if you can see it, because it has been micronized by a solvent (Corexit 9500) which as a bioaccumulator will accelerate the absorption of deadly hydrocarbons into animal life (that’s us too) exponentionally. Continue reading

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WAKE UP – BP Will Continue to Use Deadly Dispersants to Cover Up Their Crime Scene If We Do Not Act Now!

Why do Americans think BP is still quoting the ridiculous figure of 5,000 barrels a day, when conservative analysis of satellite imagery indicates that the surface oil alone (10,000+ square miles, May 18th) requires a release rate of at least 26,000 barrels or 109,000 gallons a day? To cover-up the dagger it shoved into the belly of the Earth, and then through their intentional disregard for safety protocols in the name of profit, turned in a circle to release a geyser of toxic gas and oil. Continue reading

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